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Ruby Street Brewing Alpha - Good Earth BrewingWe feel like it’s Christmas today…and in 8 weeks, we will graduate from our much-loved 5 gallon system that we have had such great times with, up to a Ruby Street Brewing Alpha 1bbl system (31.5 gallons) that uses 50¬†gallon SAE 304 stainless steel kettles.

Three great things about this nano/pico brewing system:

  1. It’s movable. As we build out our brew room, initial plans may change and we may need to adjust brew system and fermentation vessel positions.
  2. It’s electric. This means no fumes from propane or natural gas, no open flames, very little chance of scorching wort, and hopefully in the future it will be run mostly through solar panels on the roof.
  3. It’s automated! This does NOT mean we do less work. It actually means we have much better control over mash and boil temperatures, timing, and sparging. And we are allowed more time to focus on sanitation, clarifying the beer, fermentation temp control, and recipe development.

More updates soon!