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SS Brewtech 1bbl FermentorA sizable contributing factor to beer flavor is the consistency of your fermentation temperature. Huge swings in either direction are not the type of party that yeast want to attend. So being able to dial in your internal temp, no matter what the external temp, is key.

Researching fermentation tanks has taken months (we actually started more than a year ago) and we are close to making a decision. Ss Brewtech offers these beautiful stainless steel 1bbl conical vessels that, although they are not jacketed for glycol, can have both a neoprene jacket applied and a chiller/heater kit attached. Along with a glycol system, we can pump glycol coolant through the internal chiller coil and fight both the external summer temps and the internal heat that active yeast produce.

ss-brewtech03We plan to order these closer to when we have the brewhouse insulated and the brew system tested.