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Lately we have been relying heavily on referrals for everything from engineering and drains, to flooring and electrical work. It can be tough to find someone responsive, honest, and knowledgeable.

Cascade Floors - Barley Brown's Beer

The Cascade Floors crew working on Barley Brown’s in Baker City, Oregon

Paul at Wild Ride has been helpful in supplying contact information for companies he trusts to help build out a brewery. One of the first individuals he sent our way was Chris Klein at Cascade Floors, Inc. Chris even drove over from the valley in last week’s snowstorm to meet with us (and a few others in Central Oregon.)

He took a look at our brewhouse floor and we discussed the process for applying epoxy to a concrete slab as well as the quality and cost of different types of epoxy We also discussed our future plans for possible expansion, and he recommended a floor drain supplier and local construction company that he trusts.

Working directly with Chris may be months away, but meeting in person was a chance to get to know him and a little about his business. He will be one of the last people we work with in the process, but we have a feeling we’ll be sharing plenty of beer along the way.