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Snow? What Snow?

Just because snow has been falling almost non-stop for the last month, doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down out at the farm. The brewhouse is nice and toasty, and the yeast are happily working around the clock! Grab a pint and let’s catch up on what we’ve been up to since the last newsletter.

The Brewery

Though it nearly killed us, we finally received approval from the State of Oregon to produce and sell beer back in January. We had been brewing test batches since August, so we barely lifted our heads in acknowledgement or had time to celebrate. Our three 1bbl (~31 gallon) conical fermenters have been working nearly non-stop since then.

Ss BrewTech 1bbl UnitankNear the end of January, we added a new tank to the family. This fermenter is referred to as a “Unitank” because it does the work of both a regular fermenter and a brite tank (meant for carbonating, clarifying, and serving beer). Fermentation space is the #1 production issue with most breweries, and we just increased our capacity by 25%.

Finally, we just pitched our first bunch of bacteria (Lactobacillus) into our first Gose. This is an exciting path to be headed down, as the entire brew team loves sours of all types, and Goses can be a great introductory style for those with little to no experience appreciating the history and complexity of European and American sours.



You can still find our beer at both Faith, Hope, & Charity Winery in Terrebonne and Madras Brewing Co. in downtown Madras. This week we are working to distribute our very first kegs in Terrebonne proper and in Redmond.

Kegged & Ready to Drink

“You Had Me At Chocolate” American Stout for World Central Kitchen
Fog of War Hazy IPA for Veterans of Foreign Wars
The Vienesse Way Vienna Lager (NPO TBD)

In the Tanks

Pay It Forward Pilsner (Czech Pilz) for Bethlehem Inn
Gutsy Mama Gose for Anson Marshall GoFundMe

Brewing Soon

Stronger Than You Think Stout (Raspberry Foreign Export Stout) for CARDVA
Hoped Up Hefeweizen (Bavarian Hefe) for Lilly’s Lope for HOPE
Fuego’s Fury Stout (Imperial Chili Chocolate) for Antigua Habitat for Humanity

In Development

Trinity Triple IPA for Trinity Lutheran Church
I Herd That Oak-Aged Double IPA for Oregon & Oklahoma FFAs
Baltic Porter
English Barleywine
German Kolsch

Past Brews

Mission Saison for Faith In Practice
Instigator Fresh Hop IPA for Veterans Holiday Fundraiser
Lean on Me Lager (German Pilsner) for Beyond Differences
Rally Point Red (Irish Red) for Buglers Across America
Resilience/Butte County Proud IPA for those affected by the recent Camp Fire
– Madras Brewing Robust Porter
– Madras Brewing Bavarian Hefeweizen