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News From Around the Farm

The Eagle…Has Landed!

Today the brew system was delivered to the farm. Dad was there to receive it, but kindly waited until I returned home from  Thanksgiving in Portland to un-box it. Ruby Street Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO fabricated this beauty in just two short months. It came with...

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Fermentor vs. Fermenter

A sizable contributing factor to beer flavor is the consistency of your fermentation temperature. Huge swings in either direction are not the type of party that yeast want to attend. So being able to dial in your internal temp, no matter what the external temp, is...

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Brew System Ordered!

We feel like it's Christmas today...and in 8 weeks, we will graduate from our much-loved 5 gallon system that we have had such great times with, up to a Ruby Street Brewing Alpha 1bbl system (31.5 gallons) that uses 50 gallon SAE 304 stainless steel kettles. Three...

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The Grand Daddy of All Applications

On March 21st we created an account and profile on the TTB, or Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. When it comes to licensing the production of beer, no matter where or at what volume, this is where you start. I love that it is an online application, and that...

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A Plan for Wastewater

We reached out to Larry Brown at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The first step was to provide him with a brief description of our property and proposed setup, including the brew system. This included estimated water usage and waste: Brewing once a...

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Oregon Dept of Ag – Food Safety Division

Today we spoke with Jon Harrang at the ODA Food Safety Div in Redmond. His recommendations were as follows: Come up with a clear vision of what you want to do and then work to obtain land use approval for that through Deschutes County Community Development Dept....

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Bring on the Red Tape!

This was the first of our listed government outreach tasks. We've actually found all individuals to be very responsive and helpful. Caroline House is an Assistant Planner at Deschutes County Community Development, and today she provided us with property information...

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A Vision of the Future

Who are we, and what do we want to accomplish? Two questions we asked ourselves on day one. Who we are is important because it defines how we go about accomplishing our goals and how we craft our vision and mission. Are we greedy and short sighted, or are we creative,...

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The Big Decision

After two years of growing hops and home brewing on site, today we made the decision to begin planning a brewery. I know what you're thinking... with 29 breweries in Central Oregon and four more slated for 2017, and with a new brewery/brewpub opening every day in this...

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